The Best Way to motivate your sales team and make it perform.

Discover Scuub for your business, fast, reliable, affordable. No more time and cost consuming implementation projects.

Scuub is not another CRM, it helps You to manage activities in the most effective way and promotes competition in your organisation.

Scuub helps you to understand and learn how to improve your Sales Effectivness.

Scuub Application

Sell smarter and faster with the Scuub Mobile App. Now Your sales team has all they need to track their activities, close deals and track marketing campaigns from anywhere.

Fresh & Clean User Interface

Activity Management as it's best. It has never been easier to manage your sales activities in a playful way.

Very Flexible

Our cloud based App can be used on any device without software installation and special technical requirements. Use the App whereever you are on any of your devices.

Detailed Reports and Insights

Your representatives will get a new view on their actions and will learn how to become more effective. Managers have detailed insight to support and improve their sales team.


Easily set and track actions with a simple touch on your screen.

  • Know what is missing to catch up with the top seller
  • Set a new activity by a single touch
  • See the success and monthly revenue immediately
  • Spot Services provide valueable information, sales tipps and tricks
User Report

Supercharge your sales team with mobile, self-service analytics

  • Statistics of quantitative and qualitative activities
  • Statistics of revenues for each product category
Sales Manager

Define products, campaigns, and targets for your sales team

  • Create and manage products
  • Define and manage campaigns
Manager Report

Get ad-hoc sales rankings and detailed statistics at any time

  • Ranking based on actions, effectiveness and revenue
  • Detailed reports help sales manager to support and promote their team members
Executive Report

Be always up-to-date regarding the status of Your marketing compaigns and product revenues

  • Statistics about the gained revenue of each campaign
  • Revenue statistics by product

Easily manage user accounts and groups

  • Manage users and their permissions
  • Manage groups for localization and segmentation
  • Assign sales targets to sales reps based on user profiles

Scuub Services

If you want to maximize your Scuub investment, there’s no better way than giving your people the skills to use Scuub to its fullest extent.
Scuub is committed to the success of our customers. And that commitment goes beyond our application, because true success is about more than the tools to do the job. It’s about an informed, well articulated plan that puts all the players on the same page.

Increase Business Value

Our Scuub Consulting Services help you to increase the value of your business.

  • Define a customer-centric operating model enabling Enterprise Vision, Strategy, Sponsorship, and Governance
  • Guide customer executives to define and manage Sales Profiles
  • Build and sustain relationships with top level business leaders to drive program strategy and execution

Ensure Business Growth

Use our expert skills and knowledge to ensure business growth.

  • Provide insight into Scuub initiatives, roadmaps, and "pilot projects"
  • Proactively identify where and how Scuub and partner capabilities can deliver incremental business value adoption
  • Customer advocacy to ensure the maximum benefit received from Scuub, and partners.
  • Regular reviews of adoption and usage statistics


From clients benefits to effectivity of the sales strategy


From sales ambition to its transformation into the sales organisation


From functions to the potential of the sales hierachy


From Planning to a strategic controlling approach


From strengthening the personell to forming a winning team

Scuub Training

Customers who invest in training consistently report higher ROI on their Scuub investment. That’s why we offer a range of training options, from in-person classes featuring hands-on instruction, to virtual training, self-led courses, private workshops, and more.

Scuub Intro

„From Networking to Business“: Trends and development in sales. Social media and sales. Sales profile and its behaviour in the future. Strategic and operational networking as factor of success. Success factors in sales. Modern and effective sales style. Professional sales culture. Scuub Tool-Box.

  • Explanation: Starter Training and Scuub App functionality
  • Frequency: One or several times for clients depeding on size of target group
  • Standard: Standards in terms of content, technic, trainer; 180 – 240 min

Scuub Professional

„Developing Your Sales Network“: From B2C to B2B in sales. Emotions in sales (loyality, identification and expectations of customers). Strategic development of networks with focus on value management of sales channels. Effectivity in sales.

  • Explanation: Advanced Training with focus on B2B and networking
  • Frequency: One or several times for clients depending on size of target group
  • Standard: Standards in terms of content, technic, trainer: 180 – 240 min

Scuub Webinars

Live-stream webinars with repetition and practical application of the Scuub Intro and Professional Training content (Q & A sessions included). Get updates and advices from our professionals.

  • Explanation: Further development and experience exchange with coaching approach
  • Frequency: Two times a month (1 x Starter Web and 1 x Prof Web) with repetition of content and practical approach
  • Standard: Workshop, FAQ; 90 min

About Us

We launched Scuub with the vision to reinvent Sales Activity Management in the cloud. We definitely didn't want to develop yet another complex CRM tool.
Our strong focus is to keep things as simple as possible, offer user friendly and optimized solutions in order to encourage users to use and enjoy them.

Who We Are?

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We learn and use the latest technologies.

Alexander Degenhart

Co-Founder, CEO and CSO

Sales guru with long-term experience in sales and management in an international environment.

Rudolf Staribacher

Co-Founder, CEO and CTO

Technical mastermind with long-term experience in software development and management in an international environment.

Where We Invest?


R & D

We put effort in the research and development of new ideas in order to create new solutions.


Software Development

To improve and enrich our solutions, we constantly put effort into the software and it's cloud infrastructure.


Strategic Partnerships

We encourage people and companies to collaborate with us in order to broaden our partner and service team, and to get new insights and ideas from the field.


Sales Network

Building a strong sales network to promote and sale our application, services and trainings.


Got a Question? We’re Here to Help!

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